Guns, Kids and the Football Team

Guns, Kids and the Football Team We are about to fall off the fiscal cliff. Sequestration will end Medicare and slash the Pentagon budget so deeply that any third-world power will be free to attack us with impunity. Life as we know it will come to an end if we allow this to happen. As taxpayers, we are being told that we must submit ourselves to higher taxes and allow the government to borrow ever-increasing funds from China to prevent this calamity. Raise your hand if you have heard this nonsense before. I have, every time a school district wants to vote themselves a fat, juicy salary or more perqs. They don’t tell you that the Superintendent of Schools wants a new car, or that the teacher’s union has decided that this year they should get a 10 percent raise. No, they tell you that unless you cough up the cash they will be forced to cut the football program. And the marching band. All extra-curricular activities and clubs. The schools will become dark and dreary, and school lunches will become even less edible, if that is possible. But the sad truth is that if you give them the money, the schools do not improve. Sure, the kids get to keep their football team. But the money never seems to go to hire more teachers, buy newer texts, or improve education. It’s just a shameful hoax to get more money. Having spent some 20 years working inside the beltway in Washington, DC, I know that the government uses the same sleazy tactics. They never say they want more of our money to give to their cronies to fund some insane project that will garner more votes. No, they always insist that the tax increase is necessary “to save the children.” It’s the same ruse they use when they want to curb your rights. You just have to let the FBI read your emails and tap your phones without a warrant, because it’s “to save the children!” We must give up our right to keep and bear arms because so many children are killed by accidental gunshots each year. Let the government control the Internet? Turn our kids into narcs through the “D.A.R.E.” program? Ban the use of marijuana, even though the National Institute of Health claims that cannibinoids have an extensive list of proven health benefits? They only do it “to save the children.” But according to the Centers for Disease Control, of the more than 12,000 persons aged 0-19 each year, the leading cause of these deaths is automobiles, not handguns. Should we not ban automobiles first, to save the children. Then we could ban swimming pools and bicycles, which also kill more kids every year than do handguns. Hypocrisy, it appears, knows no bounds in the nation’s capitol. It is gotten so bad that when I hear someone in Washington say they are doing something “to save the children,” I put my and on my wallet and lock up my daughter. If that’s what it takes to put an end to the money-grubbing hypocrisy of our government, I vote to put the pedal to the metal and drive off that fiscal cliff. Turn off the spigot, shut down the money printing presses, let’s hold hand and jump over the cliff. Because I do not for one moment believe all the hand-wringing, sack-cloth and gnashing of teeth. For one thing, they are not talking about actually cutting anything. They are talking about reducing the amount of increase built into those budgets already due to the fiscal mismanagement of our government agencies. If we can’t get the whopping increase we wanted to give ourselves over the next ten years, that somehow equals a cut today. That’s the same logic that US postal workers used recently when they asked to be left out of any austerity measures. Since they haven’t gotten the kind of pay raises they wanted for the past two years, they should not have to contribute to reduce the national debt. Cut some of the budgets to pay off the debt? Easily done. Start with the Pentagon, which somehow still believes that we need tens of thousands of tanks to fight a ground war in Europe that will never happen. Or money for aircraft no one wants, but that we can’t get rid of because corrupt members of Congress don’t want to lose jobs in their districts. Cut out the fraud in MediCare, and make Congress keep its thieving hands off of the Social Security Trust Fund, and those programs would soon be healthy again. Then you could cut out the boondoggles, conferences, and trips. There are plenty of conference centers right near government offices – they don’t need to go to Hawaii or the Caribbean. And stop the billions of dollars we spend re-building mosques around the world so the Muslims won’t hate us. Or the money we throw at “green” projects that are doomed to failure from the outset. I believe we could even cut out the Department of Homeland Security and the US Department of Education without losing any sleep. Going off the cliff, suffering through sequestration, refusing to go deeper in debt. These are not tragedies, but the first necessary steps to healing the economy. It won’t be easy, or nice. But if it takes two bad years now to prevent twenty bad years ahead, I say we do like Thelma and Louise and “keep going.” The fiscal cliff is right over there.


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