What’s Coming In Weight Loss?

I am an eclectic, which mostly means I read obscure technical and medical publications for fun.  And look at a lot of research.  A lot of research.

I also happen to be a Norseman by heritage, one of the Scottish descendants of the Viking King Olaf the Black.  Which merely means that I fight a constant (and sometimes losing) battle against those extra pound.

So I am intrigued by the sudden increase in adverts for weight loss programs.  Granted, it could just be that the US government (and others) are ramping up to find a way to tax anyone who carries more than a certain Body Mass Index (BMI). 

But remember that the medical industry more often resembles witch-doctor than science, and is loathe to let go of their religious-based convictions.  Remember back in the Sixties, when they told Ian Fleming that the cause of his heart attack was writing all of those lurid novels about James Bond?  S’truth!

Remember those poor Australian researchers, who were nearly drummed out of medicine over their claim that peptic ulcers were caused by bacteria.  When their research was validated by a number of other researchers, those horribly expense antacids suddenly became cheap over the counter pills — and the medical industry invented a new disease called “acid reflux.”  Remember, only your doctor can make you pay way too much money for antacids by renaming it “reflux.”  And that upset stomach is not caused by cavorting with lurid women, drinking expensive liquor or even smoking.

Which brings me to the massive advertising campaigns in support of anti-cholesterol medications (heart disease is more likely the result of a virus) and weight loss (which new research tantalizingly indicates may be caused by a microbe that regulates fat storage and use of insulin.

If that’s true, then perhaps packing on extra pounds may have virtually nothing to do with lack of willpower or a desire for sweet desserts.  It may simply be a microbiological imbalance, perhaps with a biological link but easily treated.

The field of medicine has made enormous strides in the past decade, and is to be congratulated for those strides.  But neither the god-like worship of medical doctors nor their enormous fees in the US are justified, given how often they are just dead wrong.


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