Talking To liberals About Gun Control


Liberal:  The school shootings were a horrible tragedy.

Gun owner:  Yes, they were.

Liberal:  We should pass laws to strengthen background checks for gun buyers.

Gun Owner:  Well, that certainly sounds reasonable…

Liberal:  And ban flash suppressors, clips with more than 10 rounds, laser sights, rifles with pistol grips, certain kinds of ammunition we don’t like, and some styles of guns we don’t like.

Gun Owner:  But none of those things were used in school shootings!

Liberal:  What, you don’t support better background checks?


Liberal:  We should have a national database of every gun owner.

Gun Owner:  How does that protect kids?

Liberal:  Well, then, we know where every gun is in case we need to…

Gun Owner:  In case you need to do what?

Liberal:  Protect children.

Gun Owner:  Protect children in what way?

Liberal:  Um…never mind.


Liberal:  We should prosecute people who sell guns illegally.

Gun Owner:  I agree.  Let’s start with Attorney General Holder.

Liberal:  That is such old news!  No one cares!  Move on!

Gun Owner:  Well, how about we prosecute people who lie on their gun registration applications?

Liberal:  You can’t expect our government to have the time or the resources to do that!

Gun Owner:  Too busy selling assault rifles to Mexican drug lords?

Liberal:  We need better gun laws.

Gun Owner:  How about before we pass more laws, we enforce the ones we have?

Liberal:  Um…never mind.


Liberal:  We should ban assault weapons.

Gun Owner:  What’s an “assault weapon?”

Liberal:  You know.  Scary looking guns with big clips that look like they might be military guns.

Gun Owner:  So ban the gun based on how it looks, not what it does?

Liberal:  Exactly!

Gun Owner:  Wouldn’t it make more sense to punish the criminals who misuse guns than to punish legal gun owners for trying to protect themselves?

Liberal:  Punishing people for their actions is judgmental and unfair.

Gun Owner:  But it is not judgmental and unfair if their action is to own a gun?

Liberal:  Um…never mind.


Liberal:  You gun owners are so unwilling to compromise.

Gun Owner:  Compromise on what?

Liberal:  You know.  Protecting children.  Stopping violence.

Gun Owner:  But there isn’t a shred of research supporting what you want to do.  It won’t do a thing to stop violence or protect children.

Liberal:  Oh, never mind.  Let’s talk about something else.

Gun Owner:  Sure.  We can talk about Obama’s trillion-dollar debt, uncontrolled spending, the lack of a federal budget, the failure of ObamaCare, the failure of Obama’s foreign policy, the lack of an immigration policy, the decimation of the middle class, or even Obama’s reduction in Medicare benefits.

Liberal:  So…don’t you support gun control legislation?


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