Why I like Hillary Clinton

It is obvious from her testimony on the Benghazi slaughter of American diplomatic and military people that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is gearing up for a run at the White House in 2016.  That’s a grand idea.  I hope she runs, and unlike my conservative brethren, would not be the least bit upset if she won.  Because the truth is that I like Hillary. 

Rush Limbaugh, who I consider two tortilla chips short of a nacho plate, claims that Hillary cut a deal to have liberals pay off her 2008 campaign debt if she went before Congress and pretended to be criminally stupid about the Benghazi slaughter.  To which I say, “Duh-oh!”  If she could cut such a deal, she would have.  So would Limbaugh.  The world is full of people who pursue their own goals at the expense of others, no matter how we pretend otherwise.

John Glenn, the Senator from Ohio, was given the job of derailing the Senate investigation of then President Bill Clinton after he was impeached by the House of Representatives.  His reward for doing so was to get to go back into space, even though NASA had no particular need to study the effects of a shuttle mission on a geriatric ideologue.  God speed, John Glenn!

On the other side, conservatives were given the choice of re-electing Clinton or voting for “I’ve served in the Senate for so long I stumble through my speeches” Bob Dole, who was defeated but won nonetheless by doing commercials for Viagra.  Liberals were likewise given a choice of goofy George Bush or “Pay me a lot of money to go away,” Al Gore.  Followed by “Re-elect Bush or you have to elect a sycophantic traitor to the US” in John Kerry, who will nonetheless serve honorably as Secretary of State.  And hopefully won’t murder too many ambassadors trying to maintain the Administration’s fantasy that most of the Middle East is not out to kill us.

And then there was Hillary, who was sand-bagged by Barack Obama and cheated of her rightful place as the first woman president in favor of a cheap thug and socialist community organizer whose stated goal is to economically destroy America in the name of his leftist doctrine.  Unlike 99 percent of America, I lived in the nation’s capital during the Clinton years, and saw both Bill and Hillary close up under a number of circumstances, some of them very personally vexing.

And I like them.

No, I would not trust Bill around my daughter.  But I can say the same of Jack Kennedy, Martin Luther King or other politicians for whom I have some respect.  Bill, on the other hand, correctly read the mood of the country, swung toward the center, ended welfare as we used to know it and built a legacy of compromise on behalf of the nation.  History will remember him as a flawed, but effective, leader.

Hillary will likely do the same.  She is highly intelligent, and knows that she must rule from the center.  If she is aggressive and assertive…well, get over it.  She is particularly smart enough to know, unlike the present occupant of the White House, that you can’t simply decree that America is gone and everyone has to accept it.  She will know that America shapes her legacy, not the other way around.  She will not be completely honest, but that is okay.

After all, we had a completely honest, boy-scout, clean and sober candidate for the presidency, and we could not flee from Mitt Romney fast enough.  The president, like your local county sheriff, needs to be a little bit dishonest to do his or her job well.  After all, do you really want the sheriff to send your kid to prison for drinking beer in a corn field one Saturday night?  Of course not.  You want the Sheriff who will read your kid the riot act and bring him or her home safely.  Yeah, dishonest like that.

I don’t know who the Republicans will field for their candidate in 2016.  I am hopeful it is finally someone I can believe in and vote for.  But if worse comes to worse, I will gladly vote for Hillary Clinton.  Because I think I can trust what she will do, even if it is in her own best interests.  And because Bill, for all of his faults and quirks, is developing into a serious and centrist senior statesman would could do well as a White House advisor.

Of course, the Democrats could nominate Joe Biden, and the Republicans nominate Jeb Bush, in which case I will likely immigrate to Australia.


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