Geing Un-Gay In America

I am not gay.  I understand that not being gay makes me uncool, a Breeder, suspected each day of being somehow homophobic, and worse.  In fact, I am a conservative who generally votes Republican…a white of European descent who must by all the gods of Liberalism hate gay people.

Only I don’t.

Sure, I go on an occasional rant, as I did recently when gay activists demanded that a new illustrator for the Superman series at DC comics be fired because he doesn’t like gay people.  My point was that if you can’t fire someone for being pro-gay, you probably can’t fire that person for being anti-gay, either.  Somehow, that message got lost.

Which brings me to the question of the day:  why on earth should people who love and respect one another not be allowed to marry just because they are gay?  Truth is, most of my fiscal conservative friends struggle with the same question.

No, I do not approve of the casual hookups that mark many gay “relationships.”  But then, I don’t approve of the same behavior among people who are not gay.  And I don’t feel any particular need to hear the gruesome details of your latest sex with your love — no matter what your sexual orientation is.  I feel the same way about people who like sex with animals, children or shoes.  Dear God, just shut up.

Let’s be clear here.  I like the Bible, but do not believe that it is the word of God handed down by HIM (or, frankly, HER) as an absolute.  The Bible was at best written by people who had an agenda.  Take the prohibitions against homosexuality by the Apostle Paul…heck, he also told Christians not to have heterosexual sex.  Nope, no Biblical guidance here.

I do not believe that gay folks have the right to demand that every religion accept them, and marry them in the eyes of their congregation.  God bless those who do, but do not demand that I support this as your “right.”  I won’t.

But that is not the issue.  The issue is whether gay people should be banned by law from marrying one another.  And I believe they should not.  It is not a question of law, or of marriage rights, or even of religion.  It is a matter of being fair and right.

I have been on this little blue planet for long enough to know that love is rare.  Very, very, very rare.  And if you find love, God bless you for it.  Go forth and be good to one another.  Far be it from me to declare that you have no right, without also accepting that I have no right.  And I demand the right.

So sign me up, Ellen and Kathleen and Don and Paco and all of my other friends.  I will march for your right to love one another and others.  Bless you all, my friends, and be kind to one another.

Oh, and in return I expect you to support me in balancing the Federal Budget.  But that is a different fight, for another day!


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