Charcoal versus Gas Grills


I have been a fan of gas grills for as long as I can remember.  When it came to charcoal grills (with apologies to Weber!), I had neither the patience nor the interest in messing with all of it.  Get the briquettes, and starter, and risk catching on fire to get it going, then wait an hour for the coals to be right…

Give me a break!

So you may be surprised to know that now, in the best years of my life, I have become a fan of charcoal and hard woods.  And not just grilling.  Smoking.  Low and slow, at 250 degrees for hours and hours, patiently mopping with a mix of 50 percent catsup and 50 percent apple cider vinegar.

It started with makin’ bacon.  No, not sex, though I am a fan of low and slow in that endeavor as well!  Nope.  Curing a side of hog for two weeks in salt and maple syrup, then smoking it slowly for six hours over charcoal and apple wood. 

It may kill me to eat bacon like that.  I do not care.

Next week, for the third time in my life, I will roast a pig for a cookout.  Start in the morning, with a shot or two of good mountain bourbon and a few bottles of beer.  For the pig, not for me…LOL!

Point is, if you think that cooking over a gas grill is the only way to enjoy the pleasures of meat cooked over a fire, you are so very wrong.  Throw away your gas grill, get yourself a smoker, and take your time creating a masterpiece.

Is it only when you are retired that you have the time to enjoy sunsets in the mountains, the buzz of honey bees and smoked pork?  How truly sad…


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