The Truth About Benghazi


I do not believe for a moment that the President of the United States sat by and diddled while a US ambassador and three other heroes were killed in Benghazi eight months ago.  Nor do I believe that his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, deliberately set out to have members of her agency murdered.

Here’s what I do believe:  that very stupid mistakes were made in the name of political expedience to support the re-election of the President, and that the Administration lied, obfuscated, twisted and turned in order to maintain the myth of the President’s campaign about winning the War on Terror in order to get him re-elected.  Ms. Clinton did her best to support her party, but not the nation.  So did UN Ambassador Rice, who got hung out to dry by her party.  Their careers are over.

The President was in a tough campaign against a proven business leader named Mitt Romney.   He had few things to run on – the economy was failing, his social policies were proving unpopular, and his signature legislation, ObamaCare, was being opposed by nearly everyone who had actually read its provisions.

He bet his re-election on the myth that his hard stance in the Middle East had ended the reign of Al Qaeda, and that America would therefore relax because the President made the right decisions and won the war.  That proved to be horribly, impossible true in the assaults on the US consulate in Benghazi, and again in the bombings in Boston.  And four other terrorist attacks on the US during his administration.

For those of us who lived through the scandals of the Nixon and Reagan administrations, this is the stuff of flashback comedy.  Oh, wait!  The President did not go to sleep in order to be rested for his fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day.  Hillary Clinton did not run off to other countries to escape the web of lies about the failure of security for the consular staff in Benghazi.  They actually sat in their offices and decided to let terrorists kill four Americans in order to get the President re-elected.

No, they did not think these things.  They just tried to do what their party wanted.

In their democratic/socialist view of the world, Benghazi could not possibly have happened.  The peace-loving Muslims would never do that to wonderful America.  Only they did.  And that left the Administration scrambling to turn the focus to something other than Muslim terrorism.  Like some video that did not actually exist.  Or something we brought on ourselves due to the policies of the Bush Administration.

This sounds sadly like the calls to impeach President Nixon.  The President lied to cover up…not some skullduggery on his part, but a series of truly stupid decisions in order to help the President get re-elected in the last eight weeks of the voting cycle.  He had no choice other than to spin the lie, and Mr. Obama will have no other option than to end his Presidency in disgrace, with a legacy of being one of the most incompetent Presidents in the history of the nation.

The families of those who died deserve better than these lies.  The careers of one President, one Secretary of State, and numerous government and military people will be ruined, as they should, because we deserve better than their political lies.

When Americans around the world, representing our country, call for help because they are in threat of being killed by terrorists, we need to send in the fastest, toughest, most capable military people we have.  And if you keep that from happening, whatever your political reasons, your career in politics is over.


God bless those who spend every day protecting our State Department people, and our military people, and those few of our elected professionals who deserve our votes.



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