The Flower Tower


Last week, having one or two hours too many on my hands and a little cash in my pocket for a change, I decided to build one of those “Flower Towers” that the Home Depot has been hawking in their ads.  In fact, I built two.

I did it a bit differently, but love the results.

Flower Tower 1

I started with a 13.5-inch plastic flower pot from Wal-Mart, and three bags of potting soil.  Bought 2” by 4” wire mesh from the local hardware store, along with a box of 55-gallon heavy mil leaf bags. 

Turned the wire mesh into a column that fit in the pot.  Cut out the bottom of the trash bag and laid it in the middle of the mesh tower, securing it with twist ties and black electrical tape to the top of the wire column.

So far, we are in to the project for about $22.50.  But the real cost is in the flowers.  You will need about 66 flowers, or about 11 flats.  Depending on the flowers you choose, that could be anywhere between $22 and $32.

Line the wire column with the plastic, secure it, and pour in the potting soil.  Fill in around the base of the flower pot as well.  Cut slits in every other opening in the wire mesh, alternating each row so that the column is fairly well covered.  The result should look like this:

Flower Tower 2

Water and let it grow.  But then, you don’t have to do a simple tower.  Others have done things like this:

or even shapes.  Whatever your imagination brings forth.


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