One In Five American Kids Is Starving…

It was on the television again tonight.

The fervent, heartfelt plea for me to please, please send money to cure the hunger issues among American kids. Because…[breathless pause]…one in five children in America is STARVING TO DEATH! But while reaching for my pen and my checkbook, random thoughts occured:

* They don’t actually say the kids are starving, or even hungry. What they say is the one in five kids does not know where his or her next meal will come from. Oh, hell, I’m an adult and I can’t say for sure where my next meal will come from. MacDonald’s? Rancho Viejo? The refrigerator? When I was a kid, it was even worse. I honestly never knew where my next meal would come from. Just assumed that Mom and Dad would take care of that detail. They did.

* If they are claiming that 20 percent of American kids are starving, I am reminded of that blithering twit Jane Fonda, who once claimed in a speech to the United Nations that there were children “living in tar-paper shacks” and “starving to death” in Georgia. Governor Zell Miller called her on the claims, and she quickly apologized for her inappropriate and [word inserted here meaning “bovine excrement”] statements. As for the current claims, I want to see the data before I buy into this nonsense. Oops. No data…just TV ads.

* If there are kids going hungry…why? We spend more than $8 billion each year on Head Start programs that feed kids year-around through public schools. All you have to do is show up and eat. We spend another $5.7 billion dollars EVERY MONTH on the food stamp programs nationwide? It is ridiculously easy to sign up for these programs, so why are children going hungry? And that doesn’t begin to count the food banks, and programs to deliver food to the needy, and even inner-city kitchens. If these are not doing the job, we need to stop funding them and find something that does. Just saying.

If you tell me kids are hungry because lazy, self-indulgent, drug-addicted, alcoholic or ambivalent parents fail to get food for their children…well, how will more of my money solve that problem?

In truth, I smell a rat. I don’t know who sponsors these ads, or what their game is, but I would sure like to see the IRS target people like this for a change, instead of Jews, patriots, medical people who oppose Obamacare and conservatives.

Because I have added up the number of children I personally know who did not eat in the last day…in one of the poorest rural counties in Virginia…and the answer was none. Nada. El Zippo.

So where are the hungry kids? And if they don’t exist, why is our government persecuting law-abiding citizens instead of shutting down scams like this?



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