Obama and Me

Some people who read my posts have somehow come to the conclusion that I hate Barack Obama, or that I am some right-wing, bomb-throwing anarchist Tea-Partier who is a closet racist at heart.

But people who believe that do not know me, or my life.  They are not paying attention, are not reading the news, and are not thinking. They have not read Mr. Obama’s books, as I have. They have not lived through eleven presidents, as I have. And they completely ignore the mounting disenchantment and panic among even his most staunch supporters in the face of the escalating scandals within his administration.

For the record, I have nothing personal against the man or his family. And I certainly don’t care what race, religion or creed he endorses as an individual. Heck, I’m a part-Sioux Scottish Baptist Buddhist hippie conservative myself.  I do believe that President Obama holds seriously misguided beliefs that affect his ability to govern the nation. I believe that he is beholden to all the wrong people for his election. And I do believe that he is staggeringly incompetent for the job of chief executive of the greatest nation on earth.

I like the man, and hate his policies.

Note that in my posts I don’t pass along the hysterical rants of the lunatic right, nor do I swallow the poisoned Kool-Aid of “hope and change.” I don’t repost the doctored pictures, even if they are funny. I fact check the posts I send along to others against as many sources as I can. I don’t care that he plays golf, or goes on vacation – he has a tough job and needs some relief. I don’t rant against his family for taking vacations – they have to deal with the stress as well. I don’t call him personal names, or engage in personal invective. I don’t care that he smoked marijuana with his friends while in high school – everyone has a life with mistakes in it.

My dislike of the President is not a matter of race, though that issue is often invoked by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and a gaggle of rap artists you have never heard of. It is not a matter of Democrat versus Republican, though this President is fiercely partisan in his actions. It is not even a matter of socialist versus conservative. It is not, except in general terms, about the massive failure that is ObamaCare. It is a matter of personal integrity, of paranoid secrecy, and of intentions.

I have always had reservations about the President’s ability to represent this nation or govern it, and those reservations have only grown as he staggers through his second term. [Historical note: No president survives a second term without some damage, even if they are very capable. Lincoln did not. Woodrow Wilson did not. Reagan did not. Clinton did not. Bush did not.] But I believe that President Obama will not be treated kindly by history, and his legacy will be a string of non-accomplishments in the face of his broken promises.

No matter what your political orientation, any thinking person would have to question the problems that are inherent with the Obama administration. Here are the 10 things I personally find most disquieting:

  • He claims that he will make things right, but he doesn’t. No one in his administration is ever held accountable for anything, including the President himself. Obama clearly and repeatedly lied to sell his major policies, yet is unapologetic. And though he has stated he will find and hold accountable the persons responsible for the scandals on his watch, he has yet to fire any of them.
  • Wherever possible, he blames his predecessor or the opposition party. To hear him tell it, he has never made a mistake in his life – which is a frightening trait in a senior executive in any endeavor. That might have been credible in the first two years of his administration, but the things going wrong today are directly the result of the President’s own policies. In the real world, we acknowledge our mistakes, rectify them where we can, and move on. The President seems incapable of apologizing, fixing his own mistakes or moving on.
  • His foreign policy is incoherent, and could lead us into another global conflict. The President has snubbed our allies, apologized to our enemies, and endorsed policies and agreements (Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq) that place our nation at direct risk. His latest move to enable Iran to continue building nuclear weapons is particularly frightening.  This inability to manage our global presence has left much of the world to conclude that we are weak, vulnerable, and without the resolve to defend ourselves if attacked. And that doesn’t even touch on the failed arms deal that led to the slaughter in Benghazi. What kind of Commander-In-Chief would refuse to send aid to Americans dying on the field of battle? And then try to cover it up?
  • His domestic policies are even worse. The nation has no energy policy beyond consumers paying more for every form of energy while the nation wastes trillions of dollars investing in alternatives already known not to work. Our environmental policies continue to chant the mantra of global warming, even as evidence for human-caused climate change dissipates in the face of real and credible research. His communications and Internet policies imploded under the sheer weight of hypocrisy and greed. His Justice Department is the butt of jokes the world over, thanks to debacles such as Fast and Furious and its pursuit of lop-sided racial priorities. And let’s not even discuss the Treasury Department’s policies of printing and borrowing money that we can’t afford. Or the IRS, which uses its position to blackmail and obstruct the President’s political opponents. And then, to further use his office to score cheap political points against his opponents, the President goes to ridiculous lengths to make the government shutdown as painful as possible to working Americans – by shutting down things that were not even funded by the government, and denying death benefits to the families of fallen servicemen. What kind of leader would do that?
  • He fights the wrong battles, and does the wrong things. He couldn’t attend the ceremony for the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, but had time to go on a multi-day fundraising trip to the west coast. He inserted the Office of the President into not only the Trayvon Martin affair, but in other racial matters as well, such as the Gates arrest controversy. The list doesn’t stop there. There was the rush to tie the Sandy Hook shootings to his agenda for a failing gun control initiative. And his endorsement of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. Wikipedia has a list of 36 such scandals of the Obama Administration that are worth reading.  A more experienced leader might have waited for the facts before rushing in.
  • He has surrounded himself with the wrong people. His handlers make poor choices while striving to keep him isolated; his cabinet does not advise. He has no real relationship with Congress, not even with the members of his own party. This has led to charges that he is aloof, arrogant and not receptive to input from others. It is believable, in such an environment, to think that he does not know what is going on in his administration with respect to its many, many scandals. The question, however, is whether America can afford a chief executive so out of touch with his own government? And that does not begin to address his poor political appointments to positions of power (John Kerry for State Department, Sibelius at HEW, tax-dodger Timothy Geithner at Treasury, and dozens of “czars” who make policy but are not accountable to anyone).
  • His administration is secretive and closed. Forget his campaign promise to be “the most open and transparent administration in history.” President Obama has mounted a war on privacy, and a war on whistle-blowers. He has held meetings behind closed doors, including secret meetings with lobbyists that he later denied knowing. (Note: Every president has to authorize secret meetings in order to conduct the nation’s business, but this administration is closed to friend and foe alike, except for those mentioned in #8, below.) Holding few press Q&A sessions, refusing to answer questions, even refusing to allow press photographers to take pictures of him. And let’s not forget the refusal to open either his birth records or college applications, which would have immediately cleared up any controversy over these two issues. Much of this is the due to the incompetence of his staff (see item #6, above), but the president picked the staff and keeps them in power.
  • He’ll do anything to raise money. Cozying up to any group willing to fork over $1,000 per plate for dinner. Selling nights in the Lincoln bedroom. Passing favors to his campaign contributors (this has always been done, but the current President has raised it to a fine art). Even his supporters have begun to wonder why he has plenty of time for fundraising, but little or none to govern the nation. The problem isn’t that he is an effective fund-raiser. It is who he raises money from. Wall Street, which has profited greatly from his failed economic policies. The Health Care Industry, whose profits rose 37 percent this year as ObamaCare was implemented. And the environmental industry, which takes billion after billion from hard-working Americans, then fold and sell their assets to China.  One has to wonder when the needs of the many will outweigh the financial desires of the President.
  • His appointments are, politically, far to the left of most of America. That is understandable. Obama was raised up and funded by the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party in order to smash Hillary Clinton’s chances to become President and keep a woman out of the White House. The left wing of the party feared that Hillary would “rule from the center,” taking the same moderate path that her husband had so successfully taken in the Nineties to become a respected and valued former chief executive. But in order to get him elected, it was necessary to portray Obama the candidate as a reasonable person who would strive to bring the nation together and work well with other nations. Unfortunately, these campaign promises used to keep Ms. Clinton out of the White House backfired. In order to please his contributors, he has had to break most of the promises he made in order to appear conciliatory and middle of the road. This is not typical of presidents – at least, not of the 11 I have seen in my lifetime.
  • His administration is fundamentally corrupt. I can’t begin to recite the hundreds of examples, but Dan From Squirrel Hill has compiled a rather good list. On one hand, some of the problems that occur also might have happened in another administration. On the other, many of the excesses have been created by his administration or dismissed/hidden/ignored by it. This is stunningly bad policy on the part of the President, and does not bode well for the next three years.

In spite of this, I don’t blame the President himself. Few politicians – or humans – if offered the most powerful position on the planet, would have the honesty to say, “I am not qualified to do that.” And every politician has had to cater to the whims of the money people who got him or her elected. Nor can I blame him for the campaign promises that turned out to be untrue. Had you been paying attention, you would have read what he said in his books and when he was not before the cameras, and known exactly how he would rule the country.

I do blame the people who elected him. The mindless, thoughtless, majority who either did not vote, or voted for him for all of the wrong reasons. Some were so enamored of the idea of electing a black man as president that they never stopped to consider what kind of man he was, or who was manipulating him. Some were so believing of the media that they failed to even once ask if the drivel they were being spoon-fed was the truth. Some simply liked him because he is a charismatic and intelligent man, without ever enquiring if he was an honest and capable man. Some voted because they believed in the message he communicated. Some voted for him because he promised them trinkets like free cell phones and easier access to food stamps. And finally, some voted for him because they are left-wing loonies who wanted someone to transform America into France.

I blame them, because at the root of all of the lies, and secrecy, and corruption in this administration is the 51 percent of Americans who didn’t bother to vote.  And the 25 percent who wanted it this way. Just as 51 percent of the colonists believed they would be better off being loyal to the despot George III than supporting the rebellious Founding Fathers in 1776. I can understand that…

But I won’t accept it. I will oppose these people, and their candidates, in order to elect more reasonable members of government who will cut back on government excesses, lower the national debt, restore our national standing with our allies, put fear in the hearts of our enemies, and give back to the people their right to their own destinies.

Which, I guess, aligns me after all with the stated goals of the Tea Party candidates.

There ya go, bucky!


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