The Last Black President

Last week, the media swooned once again at our president, who allowed a fake interview conducted with comedian Zach Galifianakis to help him hawk ObamaCare to young people. The interview was not funny, particularly when Galifianakis asked Mr. Obama how it felt to be “The last black president of America.”

For those of us who believed it was time to have a different American face in the White House, the question was rife with pain. Because I fear that this man has killed the chances of other black Americans to occupy the Oval Office for decades to come. And with them, chances for women, and for people with alternative lifestyles. Yeah, no chance of an openly gay president, no matter how qualified. This community organizer and charlatan has salted the well, as we like to say here in the mountains.

In a mere five years, this president has torn the nation in half over the issue of race, refused to uphold his oath of office, killed and embarrassed members of his own State Department and law enforcement agencies. He has claimed powers he does not have, used the powers of government to punish his opponents, and destroyed the US economy in a senseless effort to wrench the American people into a lunatic liberal agenda that not even he can make work. His own party is fleeing in horror.

I don’t vote for people by the color of their skin, or their gender, or their personal lifestyles. I grew up in a different world as a military dependent living overseas. In 1948, President Truman desegregated the military. Inter-racial dating in the Sixties was not only normal, it was necessary if you wanted a date for the Prom. The first time I ever heard the “N” word was when I went to college in 1969…and it was used by one black student to address another. I do not make friends easily, but count many gay and lesbian humans among them. As for women…well, I still struggle to figure them out, but always believed that we should have chosen Hillary over Obama in 2008.

The point is that none of this will make a difference. Hillary may as well save the effort and money in 2016. Forget the dozens of eminently qualified black men and women, or those who are G/B/L/T. Because they are so insufferably tied to left-wing lunatic politics they can no longer attract thinking people in the critical mid-range of the political spectrum. And that is strange, given that most of the people I know who are not like me (white, Viking, Scots-Irish, Southern Baptist, Wonder-Bread, breeder) are among the most perceptive, interesting, moderate, thoughtful and intelligent people I have ever met – those who lighten my soul and bring joy to my life. I would vote for any of them, even the most liberal ones. Because I trust them to do what is right for all Americans, and not just for their own race, gender or kind.

Mr. Obama will go on to be a statesman, no matter what his legacy. If he did not do it well, he still did it. And what he may have done badly will simply be overturned in the years to come. Nor can I say that everything he has done has been a mistake. I cheered today to see him award Medals of Honor to Jewish and Black heroes from the last century whose medals were denied due to prejudice. If I cannot respect the man, I can respect the office he has held. And his best intentions for the decisions he has made.

But Mr. Obama, you have done damage, sir. History will not be kind to you. You have hurt the veterans who gave all to this country, in order to get money for your party and your programs. You have hurt the disabled, and seniors, and those who want to work for a living as citizens of this country. You have hurt the middle class you swore to protect. And worst of all, you have turned people in America against one another, making it ever so difficult for us to work together even on topics we might agree upon.

For that, Mr. President, you may will be the last black…or female…or different person of any kind to occupy the White House for some time to come. Shame on you.


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