Planning For Immigration

As the debacle at the border grows worse by the day, it is time for reasonable human beings to be given some insight into what the plan is.

As it now stands, we have hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens crossing the US border with the some kind of political agenda that includes:

  • Allows an unlimited number of adults who are not children to enter the US claiming they want to be re-united with their “families.”
  • Children entering the US with diseases that the Centers for Disease Control and the medical community have labeled epidemic. Diseases long disappeared from the US population are suddenly emerging again, from Ebola to the Plague to smallpox. There is no screening, no control, no protection for our own children.
  • While US children struggle to get food, shelter, and an education, illegal aliens are now offered all of these benefits.
  • We deny US veterans’ medical care, but give it to illegals.

I am not a hard-hearted person, and I do not advocate sending kids back to lives of poverty and violence in some third-word hell-hole.

I just want to know what the plan is. Because if this is just another shoddy campaign-promise put-up job from our most incompetent chief executive ever, we are in serious trouble. The truth is, if we are just bringing these kids into the US with no planning, we are as guilty of genocide as any murderous dictatorship.

So please, show me how this was planned. Show me where the president worked with Congress – even the jackasses who control the Senate – to plan where the children will go, how they will be fed and clothed, and how they will be integrated into US society. How it will be paid for. How it is supposed to work. How this will impact our relationship with legal immigrants, and with our black Americans already struggling to survive in the Obama economy.

And if there is no plan…if this is just another wild-ass fantasy of a campaign promise, I want someone to show me the impeachment papers that have been drawn up. Because they are most certainly warranted if he threw us into this briar patch without a plan.

You can’t have it both ways.

Either you have a plan, Mr. Obama, or you have violated your legal, moral and fiduciary responsibility to protect and defend us from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I can accept either of these outcomes, but I want to know which one is in play.

I am not alone in this. If you cannot provide this information, you will face an electoral insurrection the like of which this nation has not seen since the Eighties. You will face an electorate that will rise up and vote against every member of Congress who does not oppose this. You will have as your legacy nothing but lies and nonsense.

You may not care, but I can assure you that American voters on both the left and right are keenly aware of what is at stake.


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